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About us

Aquamax Group is a manufacturer of luxury cuddy cabin bowriders and sports rigid-inflatable boats RIBs.

Key features of our powerboats are exceptional endurance, performance, and quality,and for those reasons, our powerboats can withstand the most demanding conditions at sea, making them an ideal choice as charter boats, tender boats, water sports boats,excursion boats, and leisure boats.


Aquamax powerboats and RIBs are fully certified
and made in compliance with strict boat building industry rules.


Our factory is fully equipped with the latest

state-of-the-art technology and we design and manufacture complete boat in our factory, from design, construction to engine installation and any required modifications giving us total quality control throughout.


At Aquamax we place great emphasis on durability, safety, and quality of construction, therefore each new
cuddy cabin bowrider or sports rigid inflatable boat -RIB undergoes rigorous testing and commissioning.

Our motto is: Our clients are our partners. With our individual and flexible approach,diverse client base from charter owners to individual leisure clients we endeavour to please even the most demanding requests.


Therefore all our sports powerboats can be
customised to the exact requirements from personalised design to any required
modification for the water sports, charter, rent or any other commercial or leisure use.

cromap1-252x250 slika plovila.jpg

Adriatic - Aquamax Fleet


Our models

Aquamax manufactures two types of leisure sports boats

Aquamax Fisher - luxury cuddy cabin bowrider boats made of polyester (PVC) hull and sports


Aquamax RIBs -rigid inflatable boats consisting of polyester (PVC) hull and ORCA® rubber Hypalon
from the renowned French manufacturer.


Aquamax Fisher and Aquamax RIBs are
ranging in hull sizes from 5m (16.4’) to 10m (32.8’) and hold between 6 to 12 people.



Aquamax Fisher Cuddy Cabin Bowriders

Aquamax Fisher cuddy cabin bow riders are extremely stable and deep V hull gives them a sporty spirit, due to their exceptional strength, resistance and stability

they are comfortable and safe ride with outstanding performance.

Exceptionally utilized onboard space and maximum functionality make Fisher cuddy cabin bow rider perfect
overnighter boat, ideal to enjoy every minute, day and night.

With its exceptional features, stunningly affordable price, smart, versatile design Fisher boats combine style, comfort, stability, safety and performance making them a favorite choice amongst charter buyers and leisure clients.

The distinct styling of Fisher luxury cuddy cabin bowrider, makes Fisher a perfect crossover getting the best of all, great central console with pair of rotating helm bucket seats for driver and navigator, windscreen, comfortable beam aft bench, large sunbathing bow area, swim platform, below deck cabin featuring V- berth that can fit two to three people, fridge, cabin window, porta-potty - toilet, deck shower, loud-speakers and stainless steel Bimini tent to shelter you from the sun, giving you the most versatile stylish overnighter bow rider for summer recreation that caters for a wide variety of leisure pursuits and water sports.

fisher 20 bocna.jpg

Aquamax Sports RIBs - Rigid Inflatable Boats

Aquamax rigid inflatable boats - RIBs are stylish, smart and sleek, with the superb build quality, exceptional strength and outstanding handling and performance they are comfortable, safe, fast and fuel-efficient.

Aquamax RIBs- rigid inflatable boats are constructed of polyester resin hull and inflatable collar manufactured with ORCA® Hypalon fabric.


Unlike most RIB manufacturers we are using heavy-duty Hypalon fabric ORCA® 866 GSM, used on military vessels to ensure greater strength and resistance. Polyester resin hull gives Aquamax RIBs strength, whilst inflatable collar -tubes make the overall rigid inflatable boat lighter and therefore faster and more fuel efficient.

Our sports RIBs are made for adventure and excitement, ideal for cruising, exploration, water sports, and relaxation
whether you are looking for a great leisure RIB, tender RIB, or commercial RIB, all our RIB’s can be customised to the exact requirements with a range of engine and layout

bocna B23.jpg





Fisher 20 Deck – This enduring and agile cuddy cabin bowrider, with a cabin that sleeps 2-3 and large sunbathing bow area; it’s a perfect choice for great summer fun.

Starts From:

24.600 EUR




A new advanced model with an enhanced stern and stepped hull technology for better
performance on the waves.

Starts From:

27.600 EUR




Made for adventure, with its exceptional performance, this overnighter bowrider is ideal for island hopping and boat charter.

Starts From:

37.600 EUR


Tailored To Your Needs

Aquamax Fisher boat and Aquamax RIBs can be customised to your exact requirements. Our optional upgrades and modifications are giving you endless options
to communicate your individuality and make your RIB or bow rider truly unique, sporty or luxurious.

The wide range of modification options mean that you can configure your boat to match your needs and preferences – with the wide range of Pantone® colours to choose from for both hull and tube, gel coat colours, seating and consoles, upholstery, fabrics, bimini tops, steering wheels, teak, synthetic teak decking, LED lighting, etc.
In addition to styling modifications, we offer a full range of purpose customisations of
our sports RIBs and bowriders for commercial and leisure use from fishing, diving,
transfers, charter use to a variety of water sports and recreational use.


Analysing the Data

Payment Options

To our trade clients, we offer stage payment option, whilst finance and leasing options
are available for individual and trade clients.

Sea View

Technical Support

Our clients are our partners. To ensure great service and support to all our clients we operate 24/7 customer support service, so you can get help and support anytime.

Long Empty Road

Delivery and Transport

Through our partners, we offer a delivery and transport service within Croatia and EU and we can arrange the transport service to any country around the world.

Outboard Engines

To exactly match your needs and performance expectations of your new Aquamax RIB boat or Aquamax Fisher cuddy cabin bowrider boats we have left the choice of outboard engine to you. With a wide range of outboard engine brands and engine performances, you can decide what would be the best outboard option for the intended use and the suitable price tag for your budget.
We offer a wide selection of branded outboard engines and great outboard engine prices, if you purchase your outboard engine from us you will be entitled to FREE INSTALLATION.

Or alternatively, if you wish to source your outboard engine independently we are happy to offer you advice to source the best engine for your requirements.
Cost of outboard engine installation supplied by you starts from 450 EU.

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Top Quality Parts and Accessories


Your comfort and safety are our priority.

Aquamax sports RIBs and luxury cuddy cabin bowriders are made of the very best materials and we are only using certified top quality parts and accessories from specialist nautical manufacturers such as electrical installations, control systems, hydraulics, water installations, stainless steel tanks, bimini tops, steering wheels, helm bucket seats, speakers, etc. whose products are of the finest quality and contemporary design.


Challenge Your passion


Tel. 38598822156


Gračansko dolje 109, 
Zagreb, Hrvatska

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